• 40 Hour course, 4 students in group

  • 32 x 1 hour units, each focusing on different skills

  • 8 hours exam practice

  • 4-week, 6-week and 8-week options

  • Total cost of course: £449


  • Short course to refresh skills

  • 15 hours in 10 x 1.5 hour class

  • 1-1 and group options

  • Prices from £150 (group) to £350 (private)


  • 40-hour course, 4 students

  • Learn technique for each exam task

  • Develop grammar, vocabulary and exam skills.

  • Total Cost of course: £449

     Pronunciation and Accent

  • Learn to sound like a native

  • Choose the accent you want

  • 1-1 classes: individual attention

  • Prices from £25 per hour

  • Email for information

Other Courses

Other options are available and we can create courses for any level of English and any number of hours to fit your needs.


For more information about designing a course for you, please contact


Course Details



Our courses are designed to give you an intense period of preparation in the weeks leading to your exam.  They are divided into units.  Each of the 32 units focuses on exam technique for one of the four skill areas of reading, writing listening and speaking.



Students are taught in groups of four.  All students are matched on ability level.  Working with other students off the same level gives you the chance to share ideas, discuss answers and practice using the skills you have learnt.

Private (1-1) options are available but costs are higher.

Dates and Times

There are new classes starting most weeks.  The times are flexible to suit your schedule and timezone.


Courses are taught via Zoom - an online video conferencing service.  It is highly reliable with lots of great features and is FREE for our students to download.


Courses use a text book, as well as our own materials and exercises.  You will have to buy the text book before the course starts.





Our course is aimed at students trying to get a score in the 6.0 - 7.5 range.  Students therefore need to have a level of English of upper intermediate level for the course to be successful.  You will be required to do a short level test with the course leader to see  if you are at the right level for the course to work for you.  Classes are in small groups of 4 students.



Our course is designed for students who are close to the level required for the exam.  The aim is to give your skills and knowledge the final push for the exam.  They are not suitable for students who have a low level of English and are a long way from taking the exam.

All students are required to do a short level test before enrolling to see if the course would be suitable for you.  Classes are in small groups of 4 students


This is a short course for students who are already at a high level of English and familiar with the IELTS exam.  It focuses on refreshing the exam skills and techniques to get a high band score.

Each 1.5 hour lesson focuses on two skill areas.  Writing correction is included free.