Clara, Sevilla, Spain

Age: 19

Course: IELTS Preparation

Why: To enter a UK university

Dates: Feb-Mar 2020

Target: Band 6.5

Byron, London, UK

Age: 39

Course: IELTS Preparation

Why: To work as an NHS nurse

Dates: Dec 2019 - Feb 2020

Target: Band 7.0

Marina, Malaga, Spain

Age: 18

Course: IELTS Preparation

Why: To study at a UK university

Dates: Mar 2020

Target: Band 7.5




"Two of my Spanish students, Blanca and Ignacio, took part in the an intensive IELTS course in July and really enjoyed it.  The feedback was that classes were dynamic and interesting and they actually looked forward to taking part! The support they received from Chris with every component of the test was excellent and both students passed the IELTS exam with scores over 7.  Their comments were so positive that I now recommend the classes to all of my students in Spain, who often have difficulties accessing adequate IELTS preparation. Keep up the good work Chris!"    

Kathryn Abell, Edukonexion


Kathryn at Edukonexion is accredited by the British Council as an

education adviser and enjoys helping students from Europe gain places

at British universities.  With years of experience, she is able to identify

suitable degrees and universities according to the student's profile and

preferences and is an expert when revising Personal Statements! 

Don't hesitate to contact her for further information.





"This year our education agency worked with Faster English to help two of our students achieve the necessary English levels for their IELTS examinations and be accepted onto their postgraduate programmes of choice. Thanks to Chris both students were able to gain their places on their programmes this year. The service is very flexible and very convenient as it can be delivered to them in the comfort of their own home on-line. This is an excellent and much needed service!"    

​Dr Martin Hyde, Uniworld.

Dr Martin Hyde, a British Council accredited education adviser,

has been helping Spanish students enrol on UK university programmes

for over 10 years. As a former UK International Office Director and

university lecturer Martin has an in-depth knowledge of the UK university

system and the various options and programmes that best suit student

applicants looking to enhance their career opportunities and life prospects.

More information is available on


"I am an Education Consultant, specialising in UK Education from Bangkok.  I was introduced to Chris by our mutual friend from SOAS University.  Working with Chris has been easy and fast.  He is always reachable.  My clients have enjoyed their online lessons with Chris and are confident that Chris can help them to elevate their English language skill.   I highly recommend Chris and Faster English to those looking for ways to improve their English language."

 Pranee Kaewsaard, EXP Study UK

EXP Study UK is a business unit of Synergy Secret Co.,Ltd.

Our company was founded in 2015.  In 2016, we initiated the

business unit of UK education consulting based on first hand

experience of a co-founder Khun Pranee Kaewsaard who

spent 16 years studying, living and working in the UK. 

EXP Study UK expedites our customer's experience via our

NICHE service as educational agent specialising in the UK system,

accredited by The British Council.

​​"I took the IELTS test 3 times the last year, but was unable to get 7.0 in writing. Then fortunately, I found Chris for

online classes. He specifically tailored his lessons to meet my requirements. Moreover, he assisted me to get a

deep insight into the marking criteria, which helped me to achieve my required score and improve my English s

ignificantly. Regardless of his hectic schedule, he always evaluated my essays before our class. Being a teacher

myself, I learnt a lot from Chris as his teaching strategies are outstanding. I was a bit hesitant to speak in the front

of native speakers, but the friendly environment that he creates helped me to get rid of it and improve my speaking

score even. I learnt a lot from Chris and he is undoubtedly one of my favourite teachers.

Hardev Singh, India




"The teacher clearly knew what we needed for the test, he was also flexible to move some classes that we had trouble to attend. He was also really helpful outside of the classes as we could email him any doubt and he would answer back super fast."

Blanca, Madrid


“I had less than two months to be prepared for IELTS exam and faced too many difficulties with writing and speaking skills. So, I decided to have online classes and I found out Chris. I was really worried about the time shortage but Chris patiently calmed me down and organized a very precise teaching course which covers all the skills and abilities I needed to learn about.  He was very caring and responsible.  Finally, with all his help, I got a higher result which was one score better than my last time. I do believe that attending Chris classes was the most important cause of this improvement."

Sara, Madrid.

"My teacher Chris is fantastic! I recommend him he is smart, friendly and the way he use to teach is really good and he helped me to prepare for my IELTS Academic Exam.  Thank you Chris!"

Farah, Erbil.

"I took the advanced English class with Chris for business purposes. He kept the material engaging and interesting, focused on building skills and strategy for speaking effectively. He taught me language nuances and insightful idioms."

Farangis, California

"I took classes from Chris for around 3 months. I was very happy with his class because he improved my vocabulary and speaking skills. That is what I was exactly expecting from the English Course. We had a lot of vocabulary classes with him and not only formal language but also informal language. That means I can speak very fluently with my British friends. It was really pleasure to have a class with him"

Sena, Istanbul

"Chris has been one of the best teacher I've had. I studied with him to obtain the B2 Certificate, which I was able to obtain  thanks to his classes.  He is very patient and organized. In addition, he uses different learning methods so that the lessons are more entertaining and enjoyable. I highly recommend having Chris as teacher."

Maria, Alicante


"Chris is the best teacher that I have had.  He made me feel comfortable and thanks to him I improved my English a lot. I highly recommend having smart English lessons with him!!"

Loli, Alicante

"I not only Improved my formal English, but I also learnt more everyday native expressions in his class.  He tailored lessons to improve students’ weak points, so I could overcome my English weaknesses in his class.  In addition, he is good at creating a relaxed atmosphere in which it is easy for students to speak up. The atmosphere helped me enjoy speaking in English in class without being afraid."

Kanako, Tokyo

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